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lara 8c1192a148 [neomutt] Add documentation to maito reply extractor 2 months ago
bin [cliplumber] Add mpd youtube song queueing 2 months ago
config [neomutt] Add documentation to maito reply extractor 2 months ago
ctags.d Replace easytags.vim (unmaintained) with gutentags 4 years ago
data/splatmoji/data Fix 'shrug' emote 3 years ago
fast-syntax-highlighting@a47b508863 [zsh] Update fast-syntax-highlighting 2 years ago
lib [lib] Fix notify_err failing when there is no error to show 2 years ago
src Add Makefile for detectbepo 2 years ago
themes Remove base16-vim submodule 4 years ago
vim [vim] rename bepo config 1 year ago
zsh-autosuggestions@ae315ded4d [zsh] Update zsh-autosuggestions 2 years ago
.gitignore Added cache and history files to gitignore 2 years ago
.gitmodules [zsh] Add zsh-autosuggestion plugin 3 years ago
aliases [zsh] Add chronological ls 2 months ago
functions [zsh] Add function to convert mp4 to gif (from howto file) 2 years ago
git_user.def Gitconfig user template autofill and automatic checkinstall 7 years ago
gitconfig Misc tweaks 1 year ago
gitignore_global [git] Add tags files to global gitignore 4 years ago Add .xinitrc 2 years ago
mailcap [mailcap] Add support for opening office documents 2 months ago
prompt [zsh] A bit of internal prompt cleanup 2 years ago
vimrc [vim] Add hare support 2 months ago
xinitrc [X11] Use qt5ct for Qt theme & prevent feh from writing .fehbg file 2 years ago
zshrc Fix golang unfortunate default path 2 years ago