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volcont [volcont] Add support for dunst notifications 4 years ago

UPDATE: this repo is deprecated, all the useful scripts have been moved to my dotfiles (lhark/rc)

This is just a bunch of usefull little scripts when you don't have a fully fledged desktop environment on hand and are relying on the elegant simplicity of a window manager like dwm.


  • cliplumber : all sorts of useful things using the clipboard content: dowmload mp3 from youtube, display as QRcode, search for audio, play the video, make coffee, etc.
  • clipqr : display primary clipboard with a QRcode (text transfer to phone)
  • loopdwm : easy dwm restarting, supports multiple versions
  • mailsync : parallel maildir IMAP sync using Isync
  • mp3helpers : a few helper functions to make tidying up your music library easier
  • mutt_bgrun : hold to a temp file before mutt deletes it
  • touchtog : toggle synaptics touchpad
  • volcont : pulsaudio volume control and synchronisation


  • : smart mp3 tagging
  • dpass : dmenu based password prompt
  • dwmstatus : deprecated status bar for dwm
  • restart-on-change : watch a file and run a command on change (for example: make)